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About Us

We are a group of future leaders eager to make an impact on the healthcare industry. We aim to combine our industry knowledge with our business acumen to help healthcare companies address their most pressing issues. Our team members consist of individuals across Cornell University's many undergraduate colleges with a diverse set of majors and skill sets. 

CHC's Three Pillars

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Pro-Bono Consulting

Our group serves as a pro-bono consulting group, giving analysts the opportunity to work hands-on with companies in the Ithaca and New York City area.

Professional Development

CHC allows students to listen to speakers from the healthcare and consulting industry during various times in the semester. This gives them insight into the day-to-day life at these companies and helps them connect with professionals in the industry. Additionally, CHC helps with professional development through resume and cover letter workshops, networking and interview prep, and other career development events.


Through our new member education process, CHC analysts develop many essential consulting skills. They learn consulting frameworks by completing practice cases in the healthcare and life sciences industries, while also working on skills such as creating deliverables and presentations.

Pro-Bono Consulting
Professional Development
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