Past Projects

Spring 2021

In spring of 2021, we worked on a variety of projects, ranging from medical device startups to biotechnology companies. While we cannot disclose the names, below is a brief description of each.



for students at Cornell which has a center that focuses on institutional leadership, public engagement, education and research.



that develops ultrasound technology and other research measurement tools. 

microscope (1).png


based at Cornell that develops surgical products for peripheral nerve injury and repair for many applications.



 committed to improving standards of care by making molecular diagnostics available to more people.

Fall 2020

In fall of 2020, Cayuga Healthcare Consulting completed its first semester of pro-bono consulting.

rheonix logo.png

Rheonix is a biotechnology company committed to improving standards of care by making molecular diagnostics available to more people. Rheonix has developed the Encompass platform, a highly customizable technology with unmatched versatility and affordability. The platform performs fully automated, complex molecular assays in an easy to use and economical format on the Rheonix CARD® cartridge. With both the Rheonix CARD and Encompass family of products, Rheonix is well-positioned to penetrate key molecular diagnostic market sectors, from reference labs to point-of-care. Recently, they have developed molecular detection assays for NYS testing needs and have ramped up production of a fully automated, same-day test for SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. 


Ithaca, NY

Repairogen logo.png


Ithaca, NY

Repairogen is a cosmetic biotech company developing and commercializing innovative skincare products based on a proprietary DNA-repair technology developed at Weill Cornell Medical College. Using proprietary screening methodology, Repairogen has identified multiple naturally occurring compounds that are capable of significantly reducing DNA damage in the most prevalent types of human skin cells, delaying the visible appearance of skin aging. They are now focused on commercializing their technology in the consumer skincare market.

vitascan logo.png


Ithaca, NY

Vitascan is a medical device start-up creating rapid diagnostics based on a technology developed by a team of engineers, social scientists, and medical researchers at Cornell University. Their technology, which provides easy assessment of key biomarkers for iron, vitamins, inflammation, and other biomarkers affecting nutritional health, has been used to create the first portable device for rapid and quantitative nutrition testing. Their technology has been supported by the National Institutes of Health, National Science Foundation, and the U.S. Department of Defense. 


Open City Labs

Ithaca, NY

Open City Labs is a digital health company using cutting edge research and artificial intelligence to address social determinants of health and  help people accomplish their health goals. Using data from electronic medical records, their technology combines natural language processing with artificial intelligence to match patients to programs by instantaneously inferring eligibility rules from text and semantically mapping data to accurately complete forms that do not share a common data standard. Open City Labs has created an AI software called Cara, which responds to natural language conversation about human needs and refers people to organizations that provide matching health care and social services.