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Our Value to Clients

Our engagement teams work closely with clients to create unique solutions and comprehensive deliverables. CHC's services include but are not limited to market entry determination, financial modeling, digital implementation, marketing strategy, and data analytics. Our solutions are driven by data, extensive analysis, and meticulous research. We understand that healthcare is a unique industry, with technology playing a larger role in the future. Our team members are aware of the latest healthcare trends, making our methods modernized and up to date. 

Project Structure

Cayuga Healthcare Consulting projects generally run for a single academic semester (up to 12 weeks), although, depending on the breadth of the project, it may run for two academic semesters. A CHC engagement team consists of one to two project managers and three to five business analysts. The amount of deliverables varies based on the client's request. However, a scoping letter, midpoint presentation, and final presentation will stay consistent throughout any project. Project managers will also conduct weekly check-ins with each client. All projects will be supervised by two faculty advisors—Dr. Sean Nicholson and Professor Ying Yang—who have extensive healthcare consulting experience. 


For any work-related opportunities, please reach out to Atharva Barve ( or Kevin Chang ( You may also contact Upon request, we will send a more in-depth overview regarding our organization and its services.

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